SPM #3 Released!


This happy evening we are pleased to announce the release of SteamPunk Magazine, Issue #3! Available to purchase or download for free!

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8 Responses to “SPM #3 Released!”

  1. hey there.. can’t wait to read thru this.

    just an FYI – you’re missing an “s” on the download link

    keep up the great work!

  2. Nice work on the other 2, I was sad that this one came out overdue, but I cant wait to read through it 😀 Thanks!

  3. thanks m1k3y, it should be fixed now.

  4. Looks lovely, as is usual, can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy to better soak in the layout. Congrats and good show.

  5. Whee! I’m a published author!

    Congrats to Rob Powell on his peculiar but very awesome illustration.

  6. I just found your Mag a week ago and it is fantastic work! I just finished up #1 and greatly anticipate going cover to cover on # 2 and 3, thanks for all the fine work!

  7. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. As a graphic designer and fan, this genre, in its visual incarnations, has a lot of territory to explore – recife could certainly help with that. I know I’m filled with visual ideas when I comb through the written texts. Great stuff!

  8. brilliance! I’m more of a maker than steampunk, but do enjoy the giant, the greasy, the powerful machines.

    Will Stroup’s “Ornithopter” is well written, with a haunting ending that will not leave my mind. Bravo!

    More more more!

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