The Gaslamp Bazaar — SteamPunk Forum

We are happy to present to the world The Gaslamp Bazaar, a forum for discussing SteamPunk as a growing counter-culture, one that hopes to challenge the hegemony of crass consumerism. It is a virtual place to gather with your fellows and discuss our arts, literature, politics, crafts, lives, and the like. We hope you enjoy it.

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3 Responses to “The Gaslamp Bazaar — SteamPunk Forum”

  1. Can I say what bands I like here? I found three awesome bands that I love on the net. I think they’re all steampunk. It’s hard to tell. I LOVE Steam Powered Giraffe (a Steampunk MIME band), Tragic Tantrum Cabaret and The Smart Brothers. Steam Powered Giraffe has songs that sound real modern, a song that sounds old fashioned WITH a mime dance, and a bunch of funny mime performances. They have stuff all over the net. Tragic Tantrum Cabaret has a really exotic Goth/cabaret sound for the girls, and they dress for the boys. The Smart Brothers – if I remember their names right – have a lot of music that reminds me of hippie folk-rock like Bob Dylan’s style. They must have been raised by hippie grand parents. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not sure if the smart brothers are steampunk or not, but they wear retro clothes and play retro music. None of these bands sound like Abney Park, or any of the more commercial steampunk stuff. They all sound different from each other. But that’s what I like about them. What if all the music did sound alike? Hmmm.

  2. Steampunk!

    I’m more interested in the engineering, fashion & design
    and historical roots of Steampunk…The Victorian-era.

    No doubt this present age is mostly sleek plastic plastic plastic crap.
    Too much bland, sterile, throwaway puke, like cellphones…ipods…
    and boxy, ugly motor-vehicles spewing out noxious fumes.

    So retro-culture is definitely welcome in my books.

    Steam-engines over gasoline-engines anyday.
    You burn well-dried/cured fire wood in a steam-engine,
    you get a terrific smokey smell that’s as good or better
    than incense.

    My interests in Steampunk culture go more to the heart
    of what might-have-been…I’m eager to write an alternative-history
    novel with steam-engines and the mid-Victorian era playing
    a crucial role.

    Until later, see ya.

  3. So I’m gonna say that I’m dissapointed in all the steam-brains out there. Why does everyone think about it as a sort of comicon role play? I live, dress, and am Steam Punk, was before it was cool. Now that it’s on the rise everyone’s hearin about it, and guys like me are gettin the fake label. Shouldn’t it be about the lifestyle? I love that part about the culture. Just being an ungreased brass cog, in the mechanism that drives life. Being that last 10 degrees to the boilin point.

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