Delays and Tours

As many of you have noticed, issue #4 has not been completed as of yet. First of all, sleep soundly knowing that we continue to work on it apace… there have been a number of setbacks that have been overcome already and more still to face us. I fear to announce something exact, but expect it in February, and expect it to be lovely.
On another note, I (Magpie) will be on tour for about a week with Ego Likeness once more, at their dates in San Fran, Seattle, Portland, Boise, and Salt Lake City, playing drums and hawking our magazine. Come out and say hello!

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4 Responses to “Delays and Tours”

  1. We’ll see you when you get to Boise! Good luck w/the tour!

  2. good luck magpie! i know it will be wonderful.

  3. Hi, I saw the show in Portland. It was great!
    I had talked to someone at the merch table about a website called “Crabfu Steamworks”.
    Just wondering if you’d had a chance to check it out.
    Here’s the URL:

  4. when will you be in Boise?

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