1 in 100 US adults now eligible for free SteamPunk subscription!

To "celebrate" the incarceration of over 1% of the US population, we are now offering steampunk magazine free to those behind bars. Note that this makes 1 in 15 african americans eligible, as well as 1 in 36 hispanic people. We abhor the racist prison-industrial system. Unfortunately, most prisoners will be unable to read this blog-post, but if you correspond with a prisoner (a good idea regardless) perhaps you can let them know.

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12 Responses to “1 in 100 US adults now eligible for free SteamPunk subscription!”

  1. I really want to know more info so I can build my own Steampunk gear

  2. I have some friends who are incarcerated and would like to send off for the magazine. They do not have access to computers, where might they write off for a subscription?

  3. So, what you are saying is, all I have to do is get incarcerated, and i get free spm? SIGN ME UP! :-p

  4. Excellent!

    Having done time I know there is a lack of anything alternate inside :\

  5. my mom is incarcerated but she doesnt have access to the internet how could she get this?

  6. I suppose that those on the inside will have to rely on you on the outside! If you’d like to see someone receive a free subscription, please send us an email [collective (at-symbol) steampunkmagazine.com] and let us know their address and relevant details! Note that the book-receiving guidelines are different state by state (and possibly institution by institution) so you may want to ask your friend or loved one about the feasibility of receiving the magazine.

  7. Sadly, sometimes there are innocent people incarcerated. Similarly, there are many that seriously SHOULD be incarcerated. While I would like to be the one that decides (I don’t trust anyone else to make these decisions), I would much rather that those a really should be incarcerated there rather than the other way around.

    Some people see it only in terms of black and white… i.e., “it’s racist and everybody should go free”. This is naive and would lead to much suffering.

    Should the system be reformed? Probably. Even Definitely. Is the system just plain “wrong”? Probably not. Are there population discrepancies? It depends upon who you ask. Ask anyone IN prison, and I can almost guarantee that they will think that they should be on the outside, regardless of race, guilt, or innocence. This would include serious, real child molesters, rapists, murderers, robbers, etc., as well as victims of consensual crimes.

    If you want to see a racist system, let some nice white-supremecists out of prison and see the results. For that matter, gang-bangers would be just a dangerous on the streets. Face it, there are some people who just aren’t human enough to function on the outside.

    The key is to tune the system rather than destroy it.

    I personally think that life imprisonment is cruel and unusual, and would rather see more death sentences than life sentences for the real animals.

    What does this have to do with steam-punk? For the anachronistic time period, people would have very strong and probably severe beliefs about justice and crime. And punks? They are always outsiders and want to over-turn the system. So we have a rather illogical joining of ideas. Like peaceful, vegetarian Nazis. Were there peaceful national socialists? To their own kind, I am sure. Vegans? Now that’s just plain un-natural.

  8. No other post has gotten such virulent responses on this site as this one. A few of them, which have not been approved, are blathering, angry nonsense. This one by Marc, while I may disagree with it, is at least phrased less rudely and is generally more useful than the “wtf is wrong with you there are blacks in jail because blacks are worse people” that somehow number among the steampunks.

    white college drug dealers are given a much cushier time of things than poor black ones. Crack has historically carried much stiffer sentences than cocaine, despite being the same drug. The black panthers -were- intentionally disrupted by a COINTELPRO effort to get crack into the ghettos. Leonard Peltier, a native american activist, is behind bars, life in prison, for a crime that another man has admitted, in court, to have committed (and -that- man was found not-guilty by way of his actions being justified).

    Do people really believe that 1 in 100 people belong in prison? That other countries simply don’t have the resources to lock up their 1% or they would do so?

    The prison system is an industry, as well. Increasingly privatized, prisoners are making products in what amounts to slave conditions. Of course those in power don’t want to see the prison system abolished or reformed.

    In this increasingly “progressive” age of america, why are so few people questioning the War on Drugs, put in place by that cowboy ass-hat Reagan? It’s simply taken for granted that people should spend 30 years for dealing, mandatory minimum.

  9. Let’s face it; a 1%+ incarceration rate is the highest of any nation in history, even counting the most draconian of dictatorships. And America isn’t “increasingly progressive”, it has been pulled so far to the right in the last 20 years that a person who is a mainstream moderate in any other Western nation is pretty much considered a raging commie in the USA. Until that imbalance gets worked out, the US will never live up to its inherent promise.

  10. Have built a pozatronic cummunication device in my cell, so far undetected by the guards. Upon my escape, together we will work to clear my good name. I am innocent of the 11 murders I have been sent to prison for. My proof is that the small office from which I served the community has a waiting room that can only seat 8. This fact was overlooked at my trail and is a serious miscarrage of justice, however entertaining it may have been.

  11. One in One hundred people are incarcerated?

    Gods! What on earth is going on over there in the Americas?

    Should we start a refugee programme for the victims of the oppressive Peoples Republic of America?

  12. Can the incarceration be metaphorical? Please add me as a subscriber and get me out of this hell!!!!

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