Interview on SteamPunk Spectacular!

Pardon for the tardiness of this post, but I’m pleased to say that my interview over at SteamPunk Spectacular has been released in podcast format!
I’ve only done a handful of interviews, but I would go so far as to say that this was my favorite so far. The rest of the podcast is quite spectacular as well!

In other news, if anyone loves designing for wordpress, this site would love your help. I lost what little work I had done after being hacked, and we could really use anyone donating their time. if you’re interested, please contact us: collective [at-symbol]

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  1. I heard your interview on Steampunk Spectacular the other day and was quite impressed. I just had to find my way to your little corner of the Ethernet to find out more. I am looking forward to reading your publication. Being fairly new to the steampunk scene, it is a joy to continue to find new things.

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