SteamPunk Magazine Available for Order Once More!

Plus the Guide to the Apocalypse has been reprinted!
After too long of a break, we’ve gotten all our reprints together and are ready to continue sending out copies of the magazine. We’ve moved the orders page to our publisher’s page, Mail-Order at, and from there you can continue to shop via paypal!

In other good news, a site-redesign is underway that will include a ephemeral ton of steampunk content and goodies! And yes, we’re hard at work at issue #5!

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7 Responses to “SteamPunk Magazine Available for Order Once More!”

  1. Number 5 is in production?! Hot damn I’m excited!

  2. Ah, I was worried for all you lads ‘n lasses for a bit. Nice to hear you’re still going strong and working on new material.

  3. Ia Ia Hipee Ia. Damn. I can’t see the Guide to the Apocalypse in the mail-order page. Where can i buy it ?

    Thanks for the gun, and keep up the good job.

  4. I so can’t wait for the nest issue! Please include another cool How-To. My favorite is the Aviator’s Cap.

  5. I so can’t wait for the next issue! I hope there is another How-To;my favorite was the Aviator’s Cap.

  6. Whoops, we forgot to add the guide to the orders page! it’s been corrected now. we’ve also added some other goodies.

  7. nice!! i like that.

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