The Guide To The Apocalypse In Italian!

So this is a bit late, as it came out last month, but A SteamPunk’s Guide To The Apocalypse is now available in italian!. We just got our copies in the mail, it’s pretty exciting. Translations were done by Reginazabo, and it was released by Agenzia X.
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3 Responses to “The Guide To The Apocalypse In Italian!”

  1. Well, I’m kinda glad that a translation in my language was done (even though I prefer experiencing stuff in the language it was written).
    Anyway, why the steep increase in price (10$ more!) for the bought version?

  2. @Ghoul the price of a book is determined by several elements. In this particular case the fact that the book contains more pages than the English Steampunk’s Guide (there are some more essays and stuff taken from the SP Magazine) and that it is distributed in bookshops has caused this “increase”. But of course, being released under the same CC license as the English version, you can have the whole book for free, downloading it from here: (click on “scarica file CC”).

  3. just read it. thanks steampunk magazine and thanks agenziax. i really want to see stirling engine workshops aside the ciclofficine in milano.we need it and deserve it.

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