Bryan Talbot on Bastable, Brass Goggles and badgers.

<-{image by Leah Moore}-> Bryan Talbot is a man of many talents; renowned in the field of comics for his outstanding abilities as an artist, Bryan has collaborated with the likes of Neil Gaiman, Pat Mills, Alan Moore and Bill Willingham during his illustrious career. Never a man to be pigeonholed however, 2007 saw the […]

Translated Introduction To The Italian Version of the Apocalypse Guide

Edit: I credited this wrong, have now fixed it. Our Italian friend Reginazabo has furnished us with an English translation of their introduction to the translated steampunk’s guide to the apocalypse. I just read it over and it’s wonderful: it really nails most of what steampunk is about for us, and explores some new theoretical […]

Brazilian SteamPunk!

We’ve gotten word that co-conspirators in Brazil, have begun to distribute SteamPunk Magazine to a Brazilian audience! At the moment, there are no translations available, but we certainly appreciate the Portuguese-speaking world having a good portal through which to discover the world of steampunk!