SPM at Makers Fair!

We wanted to let everyone know that Libby will be representing Steampunk Magazine at this weekend’s MAKE Magazine Maker Faire (San Mateo, California), which is the largest DIY festival worldwide.

We will be one aspect of Carnival Mechanique, which is an enlarged version of last year’s Steampunk Contraptor’s Lounge. We won an award at the 2008 faire for this area, and received attention in an issue of MAKE Magazine earlier this year. Libby has previously covered a bit of the Maker Faire experience as part of her interview with the Chronabelle folks in Issue #5. SPM will be joined by many of our extended family members: Jake von Slatt, Datamancer, Deshret Dance Company, Suzanne Forbes, David S. Dowling, members of the Etsy Steam Team, and more.

Libby will have print copies of Issue #5 available for barter or purchase. If you will be in attendance, please come say hi, brainstorm, dance with Nathaniel Johnstone’s band of wayward musicians, have a snack with us, etc.


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