An Introduction

Good evening, fellow steampunks!

Allegra invited me to start blogging here some time ago, but I’m afraid I’m only just now getting around to it – but it works out well, because by now you’ll all have seen me in Issue 6! (What? You haven’t gotten your copy yet? Go now. I’ll wait till you get back. Mine is “Corset Manifesto,” if you’re interested.)

My name’s Katie, known elsewhere on the internet as Spiffy and I hope to help make this blog a regular source of steampunk inspiration, to keep us all amused between magazines. If you’d like to help out as well, you need only send an e-mail to, featuring whatever music, art, events, articles, costumes, literature, or other bits of steampunk-related awesomeness you have recently come across. I’m rather a steam-newb, so chances are I haven’t seen it and would love to check it out and possibly blog it.

I’m quite happy to be here, and hope to have all sorts of interesting things to share! Leave a comment introducing yourself, if you’d like!


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2 Responses to “An Introduction”

  1. Greeting Katie,

    Thanks for the intro. I will be viewing Issue 6 and looking for that Corset Manifesto!



  2. I just read the Corset Manifesto myself. A fine piece of writing.

    While reading it, I could not help but think of the Tactical Corset, recently invented by an acquaintance of mine. More cyberpunk than steampunk, perhaps, it is an empowering challenge to the “uniform of domesticity” and plenty of frills* for hiding your dangerous gadget. Thought I’d let you know about it!

    * Where frills = MOLLE webbing for mounting modular pouches via MALICE clips.

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