Issue with Countries/Availability of SPM #6

We’ve had a few people saying that they are having problems ordering Issue #6 of Steampunk Magazine to their countries.

Having taken a look into it, we’re pretty sure that the problem is being caused by a new feature that PayPal have added to their order page to estimate shipping costs. Basically, when you click on the ‘Purchase’ button, you are taken to a shopping cart page where you can enter your ZIP code to get an idea of the shipping costs, or select a country outside the US. Unfortunately, for some reason a lot of countries are not on the list.

The good news is that the step is optional. If you just ignore it, and instead click ‘Proceed to Checkout’ then you will be prompted to log into PayPal as normal. You can then enter a shipping address anywhere in the world, and the total cost including shipping will be displayed before you confirm payment.

Hopefully this will help! If not, let us know and provide as many details/screenshots as you can, and we will get on it.

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