National Novel Writing Month

Next week marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month! If you’re not participating in this month-long writing frenzy (50,000 words in 30 days) you might not understand the panic those of us who ARE participating are currently feeling.

By which I mean, the panic I am currently feeling.

Because I have no plot.

But fear not! If you NaNo-ers find yourselves like me, racing towards the start line without the slightest idea what you’re doing, here are some Steampunk plot bunnies up for adoption. Use them well!

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8 Responses to “National Novel Writing Month”

  1. You know, this is the first time I have ever heard of this contest, and I’ve gotta say, I’m very excited!
    An opportunity to stretch my writer’s muscles a bit? I’m so irrevocably game for this.
    I’m off to formulate a bunny of my own, methinks.
    –Proff. Oddwit

  2. this sounds like a LOT of fun i will be participating ^_^

  3. I’ve often wondered why I haven’t come across any short stories concerning the identity or characterization exploration of Jack the Ripper.

  4. I feel your pain as I’m writhing and grinding for NaNoWriMo myself!
    Good luck to one and all (and be good to those bunnies)!

  5. Good luck to you as well, Sarah and Prof. Offlogic!
    I’m excited to have started mine… so far it is not particularly steampunk, but there’ll be airship pirates in goggles later, so I feel it works out.

  6. “From Hell” by Alan Moore is a wonderful work about the identity/ characterization of Jack the Ripper, mate.

  7. Thank you for the recommendation, I read it a few years ago and thought it was wonderful, as well. I meant more along the lines of amateur authors and forum-based short stories. If that sounds like pretentious posturing, feel free to tell me where to stick it.

  8. If this steampunk movement has done anything, it has renewed young people’s interest in Victorian Literature, much of which is still being discovered by scholars. For that, I am glad. Keep up the good work all!

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