New Releases from SPM's Very Own Killjoy

Longest-time Steampunk Magazine conspirator and all-round superstar Margaret Killjoy has two new books out this month, and we encourage you all to get out there and enjoy them, and show Margaret your support.

Being The Exploration of One Fine Summer’ is a photobook for the year which documents everything from mountaintop removal sites in Appalachia, to forest defence in Cascadia, to the butchering of roadkill. It is available on print-on-demand for a bargain at $7 from CreateSpace, or as a free download from Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.

We are hugely excited about Margaret’s second book, ‘Myth Makers and Lawbreakers’, wherein is presented a number of interviews with writers of anarchist fiction as well as a meticulously researched history of anarchism in fiction. MMLB is available from today for a very reasonable sum through the wonderful AK Press, and has interviews with Steampunk Magazine co-conspirators Jimmy T. Hand and Professor Calamity, as well as artwork by Colin Foran.

As ever, you can keep track of Margaret’s wanderings on Birds Before the Storm

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