The Second Steampunk Soirée!

Almost two years ago now, some of us were lucky enough to be invited to organise the (Short Notice!) Steampunk Soirée. Now, it is with immense personal pleasure that we are finally able to announce the Second Ever (Longer Notice!) Steampunk Magazine Steampunk Soirée which will be happening in Oxford (UK) over Sunday 13th and Monday 14th December.

The Steampunk Soirée is being organised with the help of the fabulous members of The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing to coincide with the first ever museum exhibition of steampunk works happening at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science.

We have a number of wonderful things planned, including free meetups and expeditions which are open to anybody wishing to turn up. There will also be the chance to learn to dance with Steampunk Magazine’s Lady Jilian Spagthorpe (the otherwise Carolyn Dougherty) and listen to a range of fantastic live steampunk bands for those of you that purchase tickets.

Tickets are available now through the Steampunk Magazine Soirée page. More information will be posted there as it happens, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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4 Responses to “The Second Steampunk Soirée!”

  1. Ahh, if only I had spare money with which to frivolously buy transatlantic fare!

  2. Ahh, David, if only we had the spare money with which to frivolously buy one for you! Maybe next time, eh?

  3. What a wonderful event!

    Congratulations to Steampunk Magazine for organizing this.
    (And of course, your title with the word. “soiree”, has my full attention.)

    My Best Regards to All!


  4. Beautiful craftsmanship everywhere.

    BTW Younger steampunkers or teachers in the UK may want to note that the MHS is also running a Steampunk Art competition (pdf)

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