Happy New Year

Forget flying cars; now that we’re officially in the future, I want my dirigible. Wishing you all a delightful evening of ringing in the new decade and a fantastic 2010!

Home Sweet Home

Lately I’ve been seeking steampunk eye candy in the form of amazing interior decorating, and the internet is providing plenty. (via The Steampunk Home) Antique science-y things! (via The Steampunk Workshop) Epic old doors! (via Gizmodo) A home theatre like the inside of a submarine?! While I can do nothing so epic, I have been […]

Happy Holidays from SPM

One of several carols up on YouTube from the Glasgow University E. Steampunk Society. Also check out this cute Christmas poem and film from the League of Steam. Happy Holidays, everyone!

Two UK Steampunk Events

We are now all back safe and sound from the soiree. We all had a fantastic time, many thanks to everyone who came and especially to our wonderful bands Sunday Driver, Ghostfire, and the delectable Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing. In the next couple of weeks, we will be putting up photos […]