Well, it’s definitely 2010. Alternative energy solutions have become more important than ever, and the politically correct world we all live in is certainly a far cry from the belching smoke stacks of Victoria’s empire. One company, however, has managed to stick a foot into the best of both worlds. Why not use the awesome power of Steampunk to make the planet a better, greener place? VerdeGoh! is an electric car distributor dedicated to liberating the masses from the restraints of purely gas vehicles. In celebration of the 130th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s invention of the lightbulb, they’ve created a light board designed to emulate all the romance of early electronics while displaying their selection of ultra-modern, low imprint LED lights. Our little friends (Light Emitting Diodes for anyone who’s a true luddite) are cast together here with “archeological finds in the surrounding property of the community in which VerdeGoh! General Store sits.” Check out all the construction details on VerdeGoh!’s blog @

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5 Responses to “Greenpunk”

  1. LEDs and CFLs are truly the way to go. Lady Armand has a propensity to leaving the lights on in each room of our fine home, and with the change to CFL’s our power bills were much more than halved despite her best efforts.

    Such a simple thing that we all can do to improve the Earth for all.

  2. And I dislike the coolness, blueness of the LED’s, not CFL’s.

    In the photo above, the left side lights have a warmth, yellowish cast. The right side, is stark white to bluish.

    I’m hopeing something can be done to change the tonal quality of the energy saver lights…. ?

    BTW, women are reported to be more sensitive to the quality of light than men, on the whole.

  3. Shlda proofread: I meant say some CFL’s are not as bad as they used to be, and I’m able to deal with the so-called “warm” CFL’s.

    Most LED white lights just creep me out.

  4. I do know what you mean, jawbone. They can be rather harsh on the eyes, especially those new LED headlights for cars- they always blind me. Perhaps some steamy minded individual will eventually come out with something LED that looks rather more like a gas lamp.

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