The Marionette Unit

Once in a while we get an email about an upcoming steampunk film, series, webisode etc, but rarely do we hear about anything with the potential to be as interesting as the one that’s currently in development by film-makers Azhur Saleem and James Boyle.

The Marionette Unit is a film set in a totalitarian Victorian state, and tells the story of a man trying to free a dancer from the clutches of a machine that controls her for the entertainment of the masses. Placed firmly in a world where all creativity is owned and controlled by the state, and with overtones of the struggle for independence and individuality, The Marionette Unit promises to be right up our ally.

The film is yet to go into production, and is by no means a dead-cert as yet. However, there is a short trailer up on the website along with lots of concept artwork and information about the film, and (so long as they can gather enough interest from the steampunk community) you can expect it to be on a screen near you some time soon.

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  1. I have to saw that the preview gave me chills – I hope it makes it to screen!

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