Bright Colors, Baked Goods, and All Manner of Fun Things

It’s sunny out! (Here, anyway.) Spring is on the way! Love, flowers, and of course steampunk are all in the air! Or something. At any rate, here are the exciting things from around the steampunk blogosphere (steamosphere? We need a word for it, I’m taking suggestions!) this week.

Lots going on at Steampunk Fashion! First, a photoshoot of some steampunk X-Men costumes, which I quite enjoyed. Second, The Gatehouse Gazette is looking for “Victoriental” fashion photos for an upcoming fashion column, so click through if you have any to contribute. And lastly, the ever charming G. D. Falksen has a post full of costume-inspiring fashion pictures about bright colors in steampunk/Victorian outfits.

Steampunk Scholar has a lovely post on steampunking tabletop RPGs.

The Flight of the Icarus has posted the first of several promo videos for their upcoming Steampunk World’s Faire, featuring Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls.

(Speaking of the Dresden Dolls: Have you all heard of the Evelyn Evelyn controversy? Any thoughts?)

Have I missed anything? Feel free to post links in the comments!

Last time you all seemed to agree that a roundup was a good plan, so here’s question number two: Were I to include in each week’s post a brief calendar of upcoming steampunk events, would that be useful? They’d probably be mostly North American, as I trust Allegra and the others in the UK to keep you all up to date on events on that side of the ocean.

Also, I’ve decided to bake “steampunk” cupcakes this weekend, and haven’t figured out quite what that entails other than, of course, gear decorations on top. Ideas, anyone? Maybe I’ll write epic tales on the liners…

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