Mid-Week Steampunk Roundup

Goodness, I know I’ve been neglecting my feed reader when there are 30 unread steampunk posts. Passing along some of the best for your enjoyment!

Steampunk Scholar has a review of Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, which I’ve wanted to read for a while. Anyone read it yet? Thoughts?

Ever adorable, The Steampunk Home has some cool pictures of maps as wallpaper for a fun steampunk decorating idea. Also, more recently, she has some links for where to buy skeletons, in case you were wondering.

Steampunk Fashion posted a link to some lovely fashion photography, most of which is not very steampunk, but some of which features penny farthings, which is enough in my book to earn it a mention. (If you don’t already follow it, Steampunk Fashion is a pretty good resource for folks in the United States looking for events to go to, as well.)

Beyond Victoriana, who we’ve mentioned here before, have an interview with the creators of the awesome-looking upcoming webcomic The Seven.

Did I miss any awesome blogs? Feel free to leave links in the comments!

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One Response to “Mid-Week Steampunk Roundup”

  1. I read Leviathan. i thought it was a good read. Not as fun as Uglies, but (obviously) that series wasn’t steampunk at all. He does a great job of balancing historical fiction with many elements of what the world would be like had we been slightly more advanced in some ways. I love the Darwinists use of chimerism to create their war crafts out of animals and ecosystems versus the machine world mimicking animals in their steam-driven gadgets. It’s a fun read, if a little slow at times, but he does a wonderful job of painting a wonderous (and very steampunk) world.

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