Write to us!

We are, even as we speak, working away feverishly behind the scenes to put together the next issue of Steampunk Magazine, which will be coming to a website near you (well, this one, anyway) some time at the end of March.

However, the past few months have seen a bit of a drought in emails that we can include in our ‘Correspondence’ section, which is why I am here talking to you now!

Have you read the last issue? (Or any of the other issues, for that matter)

Is there an article that you liked? Didn’t like? That made you think? That didn’t?

Do you wonder where we get the lovely little cogs that we put on the front covers from?

Do you have any interesting thoughts/feelings/ideas/cheese sandwiches to share with us?

Or any questions that you want to ask?

Now is your chance! Do not delay!

Email collective [at] steampunkmagazine [dot] com this instant. If we like you, we shall immortalise your words in print for all eternity.

Or something.

(PS – if we are sounding more unhinged than normal, please see the first sentence of this message for an explanation)

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3 Responses to “Write to us!”

  1. I have linked your site to ours at http://www.steampunkcanada.ca/
    I would be most honoured if you would do the same

  2. Im a local photographer in Altoona, PA. Going to a steampunk festival, my first one, on May 14th for a few days. Going to take lots of pics and do a story. would you consider it in your magazine? I have produced other stories for other venues. Let me know. Stacy

  3. Love your site – Cogs are impressive as well as the creativity!

    Please be advised that we who are anxious to make our first costumes are looking forward to being in a cool photo. In Atlanta GA this weekend is the faire DragonCon – myself, family and fellow tinkers will be attempting the largest gathering of like minded folks and documenting the event with a still image!
    Check it out – http://worldrecords.dragoncon.org/steampunk-info/

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