Disney Does Steampunk

Everyone, prepare to clutch your pearls and bemoan the “mainstreaming” of Steampunk… Disney has just released its Mechanical Kingdom pins, featuring Mickey and company all decked out with parasols, spats, and, of course, gears and goggles. It’s all a fun mix of cute and cringe-worthy, and has a lot of people crying about the official […]

SteamPunk Magazine @ White Mischief

Having more-or-less only just cooled our boots after the mad dash up to Newcastle for the UK Maker Faire, SteamPunk Magazine are on the move again. This time, we’re going down to old London town for White Mischief’s Great Exhibition, taking place at Scala in King’s Cross. There is a fantastic night of music and […]

Help Artnoose Buy a Letterpress

This email was recently forwarded on to us by our good friends over at Cyberpunk Apocalypse. A friend of theirs is trying to raise the money to setup a print shop that will support not-for-profit projects. It is a genuinely good cause and more than deserves your support. Check out more at the Artnoose page […]

Another Conspirator Weblog

Speaking of SteamPunk Magazine co-conspirators with band new(ish) blogs, SPM writer, editor, attempted magazine layer-outer and all around dogsbody Allegra Hawksmoor has recently set herself up over at Hawksmoor’s Bazaar. Here, she will be posting makers tutorials, articles and thoughts of interest to steampunks, reviews, ideas, and even the odd poem or two (with odd […]

Announcing DylanFox.Net

A while ago, Dylan — known to readers of SteamPunk Magazine as one of our writers and also as part of our editorial team — set up a new blog for himself over at DylanFox.net. Within this site are now posted thoughts, ramblings, talks about writing and other general madness and weirdness. We haven’t mentioned […]

Issue #8 Submission Guidelines

Just a quick note to let y’all know the submission guidelines have been updated for Issue #8, the theme confirmed and the reading period announced.  Here’s a summery summary: The next reading period is 1st April 2010 to 31st May 2010, when we will be accepting submissions for Issue #8 of SteamPunk Magazine, which is […]

Announcing the SteamPunk Magazine Seaside Spectacular

After organising the Second Ever SteamPunk Magazine Steampunk Soiree in Oxford last year, we wanted to get our teeth into doing something else, and now we are! Over the weekend of 19th and 20th June this year, SteamPunk Magazine will be taking over the Little Marlborough Theatre in Brighton for the SteamPunk Magazine Seaside Spectacular. […]

You Can’t (Always) Fight the Tide

For the last few years, SteamPunk Magazine has been resisting the ever-present siren’s song calling us towards an increasingly dizzying number of social networking sites. However, as the subject line would suggest, you can’t always fight the tide, and so it comes to pass that we have finally given in. With this in mind, you […]

Report from the Newcastle Maker Faire

Well, after a long and arduous journey through yesterday night, the SteamPunk Magazine crew have finally returned from the Maker Faire that took place at the Centre for Life in Newcastle last weekend as part of the Newcastle ScienceFest. We took with us some special, pre-release copies of the new issue #7 (which is due […]

Some Quick Zeppelins

There was a post on Treehugger today asking: Are zeppelins the future of air travel? featuring both some lovely historic drawings and photos of zeppelins as well as sleeker modern models. I would certainly rather take a zeppelin than a plane for adventures, even if it wasn’t a pretty brass-and-cogs covered one for airship pirates. […]