Another Conspirator Weblog

Speaking of SteamPunk Magazine co-conspirators with band new(ish) blogs, SPM writer, editor, attempted magazine layer-outer and all around dogsbody Allegra Hawksmoor has recently set herself up over at Hawksmoor’s Bazaar.

Here, she will be posting makers tutorials, articles and thoughts of interest to steampunks, reviews, ideas, and even the odd poem or two (with odd being the operative word here).

At the moment, she is working on a series of blog posts about the world in which ‘Liberty’, her story in the forthcoming issue of SteamPunk Magazine, is set.

Go and take a look. You know you want to.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Allegra’s site. Just getting introduced to this world of steampunk and really love it! Will be back…

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