Issue #8 Submission Guidelines

Just a quick note to let y’all know the submission guidelines have been updated for Issue #8, the theme confirmed and the reading period announced.  Here’s a summery summary:

The next reading period is 1st April 2010 to 31st May 2010, when we will be accepting submissions for Issue #8 of SteamPunk Magazine, which is due out in October. The theme for Issue #8 will be The Myth of History, studying the relationship between the impact that stories and legends have on us, and the fallacy of the concept of ‘truth’ in the way that history is recorded and remembered.. Some ideas for fiction and articles on this theme are:

  • Legends in steampunk
  • Popular misconceptions in history
  • Steampunk as historical myth
  • Allegorical poems and tales
  • The importance of stories over ‘fact’
  • Invented history
  • Lost and forgotten inventions
  • How history is constructed in order to obtain and maintain power

As always, we will accept both themed and unthemed material, so please don’t be restricted by the examples above.

Follow this link to read them in full, as well as get details of how to submit your stuff.

Please note, we are not open to submissions yet!

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  1. Summary! It’s a short description not having seasonal characteristics!

  2. Fie on you for pointing out my mistake and making me feel stoopid!

    Fixed now.

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