New and Future Publication Dates

From time to time we get emails asking us about the publication dates of various issues of the magazine, and also several queries regarding the dates of future releases. To solve the former question, here is a list of when each issue of SteamPunk Magazine came out:

Issue #1 – Putting the Punk Back into SteamPunk — March 2007
Issue #2 – A Journal of Misapplied Technology — June 2007
Issue #3 – The Sky is Falling! — September 2007
Issue #4 – Our Lives as Fantastic as Any Fiction! — March 2008
Issue #5 – Long Live Steampunk! — April 2009
Issue #6 – The Pre-Industrial Revolution — September 2009

The Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse — October 2007

As to the latter, well, since we re-vamped and revived the magazine in April of last year, it has always been our intention to try and get it onto a regular release schedule. It’s taken us a little while to be in position to do that, but fortunately we are finally there!

And so it gives me great pleasure to announce the release dates for the next couple of issues of SteamPunk Magazine, as well:

Issue #7 – New and Future Worlds — March 2010
Issue #8 – The Myth of History — September 2010

From this point onwards, we are hoping to release two issues a year – one of which will come out in late March and one of which will be out in late September. We’re not going to go so far as to set actual dates – we’re still far too disorganised for that. However, by now, we guess that you’re probably used to that.

On the matter of the exactly publication date for #7, we expect to have the magazine ready for download and order on or around 26th March. However, if you happen to be at the Makers Faire in Newcastle this weekend, you will be able to get your hands on a copy a couple of weeks before everybody else. You lucky, lucky things.

Finally, on a similar note, the next submission window will be from 1st April to 31st May. No further details just yet, but there will be very, very shortly indeed, so keep your eyes peeled on that one.

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4 Responses to “New and Future Publication Dates”

  1. But I can’t seem to find issue #7 anywhere online… is it not out yet?? Thanks!


  2. ok my husband has been glued to this site waiting and hopeing everyday for your next issue can you at least tell us when it shall be out? ok guys get in “GEAR” (tee hee steampunk and gears ooo i made a funny) and give us some news! tee hee

  3. Unfortunately at the moment we are waiting on our printers in the US. Until that matter resolves itself, there’s not very much we can do. Shouldn’t be long now.

  4. So, now that the dust has settled on issue #8 (put to bed soon, I hear??), will you begin accepting submissions for issue #9? And if so, when?

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