Some Quick Zeppelins

There was a post on Treehugger today asking: Are zeppelins the future of air travel? featuring both some lovely historic drawings and photos of zeppelins as well as sleeker modern models.

I would certainly rather take a zeppelin than a plane for adventures, even if it wasn’t a pretty brass-and-cogs covered one for airship pirates. If I’m remembering right, Steampunk Magazine ran an article several issues ago about the relative merits of zeppelins over planes, which this article covers. What do you guys think? If zeppelins take off (pun unintended) do we get to go “haha, told you so!”?

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6 Responses to “Some Quick Zeppelins”

  1. Airships figure quite largely in a “constructed universe” discussion group I work with – Ill Bethisad – and I can say that the idea of a slower pace, even if it’s a day to cross North America, for example instead of a few hours, I can deal with that idea – I think that, on the whole, the world needs to slow down a bit and catch its breath.

  2. “I think that, on the whole, the world needs to slow down a bit and catch its breath.”

    Hell yeah. I’d love to take a Zeppelin flight over the Atlantic. A plane flight, well, I’ve heard stories about being squashed up like sardines, no room to move or sleep, forced to endure in a place with no personal space and no way to escape… sounds like hell, sometimes.

    People should remember that it’s the journey that’s important. I mean, life’s a journey, right? All of us only ever have one actual destination, so why the obsession with getting places as quick as possible? Enjoy every journey, not just the Big One!

  3. I flew to Japan. That would not have been fun in an airship…

  4. In the next five years we are building a hybrid fixed gas and hot air air ship that we’ll fly from the upstate of SC to Charleston Harbour.

  5. Paige – I would disagree – I think you’d have a grand time on an airship. It would be less crowded, room to walk about, stretch your legs, bathe, even, and otherwise acclimatize more easily to the time change. And likely for the price you’d pay for an airline ticket. (At least, as far as my alternate history group project would guess).

    I’d take airship to airlines, any day.

  6. Zeppelins fly over our home town now. Yep, they’re actual Zeppelins made by Zeppelin AG of Germany. The Los Angeles Times brought a video crew aboard and interviewed the captain (a woman) and passengers and took a lot of languid footage of the city and coast line passign peaceably below.

    Local residents commented that the unmarked airship creeped them out. They thought it was CIA or NSA, which is a sad commentary on our relationship with our government. Tickets are pricey though, so start saving up now.

    Here’s a link:

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