Spring Eye Candy

Pretty things to get you through the rest of the week and inspire crazy weekend projects…

Flight history photographs from GD Falksen, featuring all manner of zeppelins, balloons, and dangerous-looking contraptions. (Also from Mr. Falksen, The Zouaves, who all wear the most excellent pants.)

Octopi as interior decor from The Steampunk Home.

Some lovely costumes at Dragon Con, also featuring octopi.

Victorian Photocollage at the Metropolitan Museum Art in NYC.

Trains, temples, and a super-cute monkey from Voyages Extraordinaries, this time in Kyoto.

Epic Victorian workshop photos from Brass Goggles.

Not eye candy, but also worth your while…

Natural fabric dye from Libby at Steampunk Workshop, explaining how to turn random things in your kitchen into beautiful fabric dye.

Black Hills by Dan Simmons reviewed by our friend Ay-leen at Beyond Victoriana.

Dru Pagliassotti, who’s been mentioned here before for her posts on Steampunk politics/ideology, has had several interesting posts up lately on minimalism – its nature and its purpose. It’s not specifically steampunk, but has me wondering how the two concepts might interact, and might be of interest to some.

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