SteamPunk Magazine On the Road!

Yes, we’re winding up the clockwork horses and stoking up the steam-powered salesman, ready to get out into the real world this March.

On the 13th and 14th March, you can find us behind a table at the Maker Fair;

And on the 27th March we’ll be manning and womanning a stand at White Mischief.

We’ll have a full compliment of magazines for sale–including the brand new Issue #7. Come and find us, say hello and paw the merchandise. We’ll be expecting you!

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9 Responses to “SteamPunk Magazine On the Road!”

  1. Oh, I forgot youall were going to be up here. Are you coming to visit, or should I come up to Newcastle?

  2. I think that we’re pretty much going to be in Newcastle the whole weekend selling magazines. If you want to come up it’d be awesome to see you, as ever!

  3. Should see you at the Newcastle Maker Faire

  4. It’s been a busy week so I’m not sure I’l be up to it, but if i do come up it’ll be Saturday afternoon–then I want to go do this:

    Event starts in Wallsend at 5;15.

  5. I had not even noticed that was happening the same weekend!

    I am SO there!

  6. I only found out about it Tuesday morning when I had to meet someone at Wallsend Town Hall–it sounds beautiful. I wish I could actually see the light travel along the wall.

  7. hey a met you up at newcastle bought the first issue of your zine realy enjoyed it will be ordering more when my pay comes threw
    a just wish there was more on for the steampunks in the north east would be nice as mt first gig was whitby last year
    any way keep up the good work

  8. Hello Ray

    Really glad you like the magazine. As a thought, if there are too few Steampunks in Newcastle to rally and organize, there’s quite a lively scene in Edinburgh. According to the AA, it’s about two-and-a-half hours away by car. That’s probably doable in a day, if you’re really committed, but I’m sure you can find somewhere to stay and make a weekend of it.

  9. ave been clubing to edinburgh many a time and have freinds up there
    travel loges are nice and cheap
    please tell me more about this and events
    if you have any links to any clubs events ectra
    my email is
    thank you
    lol ordered all of them zines realy good read

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