The Great Steampunk Debate

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the latest issue of SteamPunk Magazine, just a quick reminder that big things are happening in the steampunk community this spring. We have got together with some of the people behind a myriad of other steampunk magazines, communities, websites and groups to bring you the Great Steampunk […]


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Many Steampunk Music & Events

For those of you interested in the steampunk music scene here in the UK (or in steampunk music more generally) there’s certainly a lot going on at the moment. So much so, in fact, that we feel obliged to tell you about some of it. By way of new releases, over the next two months […]

But Where Are The Goggles?

Here’s a quick link for you all… YIPE! Magazine, a costume fanzine, just came out with an issue on Steampunk costuming! It features a wide variety of inspiring steampunk costume pics, examining each and asking that all-important question: Does it have goggles? (Hint: Not every costume needs them!) There are also some lovely articles about […]

More on the "Punk" in Steampunk

Kevin Steil of Airship Ambassador, a shiny new steampunk blog, has an interesting discussion of the “punk” in “Steampunk,” defining it as a “reaction, rebellion and resolution” against contemporary society. Here’s my favorite part: “Steampunks will find their reaction, rebellion and resolution spanning the spectrum of motivational reasons. Perhaps it’s the desire to learn more, […]

Issue #7 Released!

It always gives us great pleasure to announce the release of a new issue of the magazine, and this one more so than most as we genuinely believe that Issue #7 is our best ever. There are articles on steampunk’s relationship with politics, the future of steampunk fashion and the melting pot of 19th century […]

Fixed Animals

Found this cool article on TreeHugger today and immediately got Steampunk vibes – it’s an artist who takes taxidermy animals and then “fixes” them with machine parts. They’re all interesting, but my favorite is the wind-up baby crocodile.

Erm, just FYI…

Normally I wouldn’t worry about saying this, but this is the Internet and I’ve been around here a while. The whole ‘SPM the Movie’ thing was our idea of a joke. A bit of fun for the first of April. However. This should by no means stop you from taking select parts out of context […]

An Important Announcement – SPM the Movie!

Steampunk’d–The True Story of SteamPunk Magazine Director: Sean Connery Executive producers: C. Allegra Hawksmoor Margaret Killjoy Writers: C. Allegra Hawksmoor Dylan Fox Margaret Killjoy Libby Bulloff Staring: As the Heroes: Sean Connery as Charles Allegra Hawksmoor Dolph Lundgren as Dylan ‘the Night Fox’ Robert Pattison as Margaret Killjoy Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Geof Cate Blanchett […]