But Where Are The Goggles?

Here’s a quick link for you all… YIPE! Magazine, a costume fanzine, just came out with an issue on Steampunk costuming!

It features a wide variety of inspiring steampunk costume pics, examining each and asking that all-important question: Does it have goggles? (Hint: Not every costume needs them!) There are also some lovely articles about historic costuming and (of course) the punk in Steampunk, and a short story. Definitely worth a look for those of you interested in costuming!

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8 Responses to “But Where Are The Goggles?”

  1. Dunno about not needing goggles. I’m personally a fan of the monoggle. Working up one for my own costume, actually…

  2. I do not own, nor have ever worn a pair of goggles. I don’t see the point in it. The only reason I’d ever get myself a pair is if I needed them for casting metal, or something else where I was likely to loose an eye.

  3. I work in a factory – (well, in the office of the factory) but I visit the production floor where such goggles would actually come in use everyday.

  4. Allegra, you’ll need a pair when you get your own vintage motorbike!

  5. And, on the day when I meet someone who wants to buy me this or possibly this, then I shall wear them with pride!

  6. The Crusader is a great choice–Henry’s former mechanic had a souped-up Continental GT, half Henry’s engine displacement, and used to ride circles around me and Henry.


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  8. i wear old fation welding goggles mastly for the more aged look i got mine from my grandparents basement has to be about 50 years old but in good condition

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