Erm, just FYI…

Normally I wouldn’t worry about saying this, but this is the Internet and I’ve been around here a while. The whole ‘SPM the Movie’ thing was our idea of a joke. A bit of fun for the first of April.

However. This should by no means stop you from taking select parts out of context and circulating them as fact. Remember: All our work is Creative Commons licenced, so you can do that just so long as you don’t make any money from it. To be honest, I would love to have a page on this. Hell, given most of the crap that gets put in email circulars shouldn’t be too hard, right?

In other news, submissions for issue #8: New and Future Worlds are now open. Check the ‘ DownloadsDeadlines and Submissions’ link at the top for more details. As soon as our regular web-wrangler comes back from her balloon trip to Sirius Major, we’ll fix the bit that says we’re not currently open to submissions. Because we are.

So get creating!

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4 Responses to “Erm, just FYI…”

  1. Deadlines and Submissions. Not Downloads.

  2. I knew there was a reason we hired you, Cal 🙂

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  4. …anyone read Android Karenina? picked up a copy yesterday and started it…good mix of Tolstoy’s classic love story and steampunk. I’m enjoying it,but maybey it neeeds a bit less focus on the robots? would like to hear other people’s opinions on this and Pavane, Difference Engine, and Leauge of Extraordinary Gentelmen.

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