Classy, Classy Star Wars

Steampunk Star Wars has been done, but here’s some Victorian portraits of Star Wars characters that made me smile, for your amusement. Here’s my favorite:

Last Chance for the Seaside Spectacular!

For those of you in the UK, this coming weekend the folks at SteamPunk Magazine will be beside the seaside for the SteamPunk Magazine Seaside Spectacular at the Little Marlborough Theatre in Brighton. Tickets and more information are still availible on our Events page, and you’ll also be able to pick tickets up on the […]

Happy International Steampunk Day!

Apparently, today is International Steampunk Day! Why? Because Facebook says so, and if Facebook says so it must be true. Steampunk Scholar has some speculations as to why June 14th might be Steampunk Day. A friend and I got dressed up and took some pictures of our latest costumes and then went out for coffee […]

Saturday Morning Sci-Fi!

I was going to post a bunch of book reviews I’d saved throughout the week, but then I realized that they were all just this week’s posts from Steampunk Scholar and you could just go to his blog and follow them yourself. (Which you should consider, as they’re always quite insightful.) But instead, I submit […]

Post-Post Apocalyptic?

G.D. Falksen has a post up on steampunk fashion about Steampunk and Post-Apocalyptic Literature… Or, more specifically, how post-apocalyptic fiction is inherently not steampunk. “Steampunk, as you all well know, envisions a world in which the technology of the Victorian era is built up to an even higher and more elaborate level of development, while […]

Weekend Link Roundup

Steampunk Scholar has a fun post of entertaining Wells vs. Verne pictures! Who would win in a fight? My money’s on Verne… Dru Pagliassotti has been in Japan this month! There’s nothing particularly steampunk about these posts, I admit, but if good travel journals interest you you’ll probably enjoy reading hers. Speaking of Japan, Voyages […]