Happy International Steampunk Day!

Apparently, today is International Steampunk Day! Why? Because Facebook says so, and if Facebook says so it must be true.

Steampunk Scholar has some speculations as to why June 14th might be Steampunk Day.

A friend and I got dressed up and took some pictures of our latest costumes and then went out for coffee and cake for the occasion, coffee being of course the fuel of all steampunk pursuits (other than steam. And maybe also tea.) Did you celebrate in any way?

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8 Responses to “Happy International Steampunk Day!”

  1. Well I think it should be Trevithick Day, but I can only think of one person who might possibly agree with me.

  2. Ha!

    Erm…. Nope. I have no idea who you might mean…

    *looks furtive*

    Maybe I should try and found an International Fuck the Stephensons Day. 🙂

  3. I’m hoping to buy Sydney Padua a drink next week and attempt to convince her that George Stephenson is the most villainous villain evar.

  4. Great idea!

    A friend of hers is coming to the Seaside thing, actually. We’ll have to try and convince her as well!

  5. What’s with all the Stephenson hate? Surely Watt is just as deserving…

  6. What? Watt? WHAT?!?

  7. Well, I thought that it was funny!

  8. You sound like Eccles from the Goon Show.

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