Weekend Link Roundup

Steampunk Scholar has a fun post of entertaining Wells vs. Verne pictures! Who would win in a fight? My money’s on Verne…

Dru Pagliassotti has been in Japan this month! There’s nothing particularly steampunk about these posts, I admit, but if good travel journals interest you you’ll probably enjoy reading hers.

Speaking of Japan, Voyages Extraordinaries is having a giveaway contest with Miyazaki movies!

Elsewhere in the world, Beyond Victoriana has a guest post by Jaymee Goh on the Golden Age of Islam. My current steampunk entertainment (a roleplay game with school friends) features an empire inspired by this period, so I was excited to find the post!

What have you been reading lately? Leave your links in the comments!

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  1. Fantastic! I was searching for this EXACT thing all day. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post

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