Women and Whitechapel Gods

I knew I had Whitechapel Gods by S. M. Peters waiting on hold for me at the library, so I waited until I could read it to read Steampunk Scholar’s review of it. I finally got through both of them, and this quote from the review stuck out to me: ”Despite some narrative missteps, S.M. […]

Deceptive Doors

When I someday make my fabulous steampunk dream house, my doors are going to look like this: Via Curbly.

Recycled Robo-Elephant

I’ve seen some pretty awesome things made of reclaimed materials – The Minister’s Treehouse, for example – but this one takes the cake for now: It’s a 12-meter-high mechanical elephant, made of 45 tons of reclaimed wood and steel. It can carry almost 50 passengers at a time. There’s more pictures (and the original article) […]

Today in Dork News: The Legend of Korra

I really, really meant to have a serious interesting post up sometime soon for you all, but instead, I give you this: If any of you follow the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, rest assured that the clusterf*ck that was the Last Airbender movie is being remedied by a new mini-series, featuring a girl waterbending […]