Recycled Robo-Elephant

I’ve seen some pretty awesome things made of reclaimed materials – The Minister’s Treehouse, for example – but this one takes the cake for now:

It’s a 12-meter-high mechanical elephant, made of 45 tons of reclaimed wood and steel. It can carry almost 50 passengers at a time. There’s more pictures (and the original article) over at Inhabitat.

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8 Responses to “Recycled Robo-Elephant”

  1. I’m almost certain that I will have a dream about this tonight, what I’m unsure about is whether it will be a nightmare or not.

    Either way, I can’t imagine the engineering that went into this tremendous pachyderm.

  2. Zounds! Quite the site, this vaporous pachyderm!

  3. I made a special trip to London to see it walking through the streets when it was there a few years ago, and it was worth every penny of the £70 ticket.

  4. Here’s the post I wrote in the forum about it–it’s got some Youtube links.

  5. I may have to go arrange for a ride now….

  6. Oh, goodness, riding it would be so fun! You must post pictures or video or something if you do!

  7. Alright y’all, the race is on to see who can build the next steam-powered behemoth. I’ve got some really bad…I mean good ideas. 🙂

  8. I know it ! It was built in France, in Nantes. As I live 70 km away from this city I’ve seen it a few times. It’s a whole big steampunk project : Les machines de l’ïle [] . They manage 3 or 4 projects like this elephant, or creating an enormous carousel, with many wood and iron creatures inspired from sea. Take a look, it’s really interesting !

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