Katie at Airship Ambassador, Pt 2!

Hello everyone!
I’m enjoying my last few weeks of break before school starts, so there probably won’t be much regular posting for a bit, but here’s a bit of shameless self-promotion: The second half of my interview at Airship Ambassador, featuring a small hoard of links and my suggestions about what to call a group of steampunks, is up for your reading enjoyment!

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2 Responses to “Katie at Airship Ambassador, Pt 2!”

  1. Good morning,

    I apologise for bothering. Quite some time ago I had submitted some poems to the readers@steampunkmagazine address. Later on I had sent an email asking for confirmation on whether the poems had been received, but never got a reply.

    Should I assume my emails were lost in the ether / spam folder? Or is this standard procedure?

    Thank you very much, and again my apologies,


  2. Hullo Cornelia

    We have your poems, patiently waiting in our ‘to read’ pile. It’s unfortuantely taking us a while to get through the submissions this time, but they’ll all get the care and attention they deserve. We apologise for the wait!

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