Biopunk Project Gropes With Slimy Tentacles For Submissions

Earlier this month, I received an email from Christine Danse, author of the steampunk novella, Island of Icarus. She had seen a blog post I’d made about a year ago regarding the subgenre of biopunk, and raised the question of why it has sat so quietly in the back corner of popular culture. From there, we generally both agreed that it was high time to bring biopunk a little further into the limelight. The result is The Biopunk Reader, newly released from the test tube to blink it’s beady eyes.

If the subgenre is unfamiliar, the basics are explained on the blog, or here at:

At this point in the process, we’re looking on a rolling basis for short fiction, poetry, artwork, news stories, reviews- all of course, with a hefty serving of punk on the side. And who better to understand and sympathize with our mission than the steampunk community, so talented and gutsy?

Submissions can be sent to or

That said- have a happy, muculent holiday season, everyone!

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  1. Hmmm I can see it. Instead of future of Mechanical limbs and Cables coming out of our head, we maybe leading to Reinforced muscle tissue, spring like bones, and chemical telepathy

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Any help for writers is appreciated.

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