Weekend Links

Here are the pretty things I am reading and looking at recently.

Victorian Recycling. The theme for the Steampunk Chat on Twitter at 9pm EST tonight is Sustainable Steampunk!

Victorian earrings, made out of real hummingbirds.

Mayan Cooking at Multiculturalism for Steampunk. I am now imagining tea parties with Mayan tamales and tasty tea. Mmm…

An octopus coffee table.

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2 Responses to “Weekend Links”

  1. This octopus table is effin’ awesome! I’m going to send people over here from my blog. I was unaware of the “steampunk” genre until today. I feel enlightened!
    My only criticism is that not every human is good at math, no matter how simple the equation ;-P

  2. Check out the awesome Steampunk table over at


    its not an Octopus, but it looks like an old sky scraper! sheer awesome.

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