SteamPunk Magazine will be reborn

Okay, so it’s been awhile. I can make all kinds of excuses, but let me sum them up with “running a magazine is hard and is harder still when you’re not getting paid.” Two editors now have come to that conclusion.

But we’re starting to work out how we can keep the magazine going, because we believe in it and because we believe in steampunk. We believe that steampunk can be more than fancy clothes because we’ve seen it be more than fancy clothes.

So keep an eye on this blog and in general. We’ve got new bloggers and soon we’ll be putting out a proper call for contributions to SteamPunk Magazine #8.

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15 Responses to “SteamPunk Magazine will be reborn”

  1. This is great news!!!

  2. I have very much enjoyed Steampunk Magazine, and it is good to read that the 8th issue is now being planned. I very much look forward to it!

  3. Hurrah!

  4. Hurrah! Excellent to hear! I love this magazine, your publication is the best online steampunk zine I’ve seen; best articles, best short stories.

    Thanks for your hardwork!


  5. Thank you guys for all that you do. It may go unspoken for far too long, but those of us out here really do appreciate all that you do.

    I’ll be watching.

  6. Oh Captain my captain…

  7. Great, it is mostly frustrating being at the start up end of the cycle – keep on keeping on and success will be yours.

  8. Please bring the mag back; I bought a copy of Issue #7 and it has been passed round all my friends, who’ve read it with enthusiasm. We particularly like the anarchist angle and find it a great balance of comment and fiction.

    My fella was gutted to find he couldn’t get a more recent issue. We want Steampunk #8.

  9. yeah, I’m excited, I have something I’ve been working on that I’d like to submit!

  10. What can I do to help? Unfortunately I don’t have editing experience, a lot of time (or money), but I doubt I’m alone in asking that question. If there is a way to make this less DIY and more DIO(urselves), do tell!

  11. Hello all! I can’t wait until the magazine comes back out (in fact I may have some submissions for you…). In the meantime I thought I’d send you email about a project we’re running a project on Kickstarter that your visitors might find interesting.

    I’m the vice-mayor of an entirely virtual steampunk city in Second Life called New Babbage (or rather my avatar is – you can find out more about us on our website or our YouTube channel at We’re assembling a collection of steampunk fiction and we put a project up on Kickstarter to help us get started: Here’s the project overview:
    The City of New Babbage is a consensual hallucination of a steampunk city in a time that never was. It’s built out of bits and prims in SecondLife (instead of bricks and plaster), but it’s as “real” a place as Paris or Mumbai. People from all over the world “go” there daily to build fantastic machines, fight krakens, and roleplay vast, open-ended storylines replete with mad scientists, street urchins and evil geniuses.

    We also write stories. With a few exceptions, none of us are professional writers, and few write enough to generate complete works. But for all that, the stories are immensely entertaining and sometimes excellent. We’ve assembled pages and pages of them – and want to share them with the world.


    We’d love to invite your readers to help us get the project off the ground by pre-ordering copies of the finished book. And of course, we’d welcome anyone who wants to visit our fair city as a tourist. All your steampunk fantasies? They’re real, and they happen every day. This week, in fact, is the Air Kraken festival – when we take our airships to the skies to help end the scourge of flying giant squid. It’s mating season.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    – AE Cleanslate, Maceholder, New Babbage

  12. I just found out about this, it’s really great!
    It’s a shame I’m not from the USA or UK…because I wish I could see this magazine “live”! XD

    Keep up the job, guys!

  13. I look forward to the new issues, whenever it shall emerge, and I shall write my comments on it. If you’re going to take the time to create it, I’m sure you’d rather be assured that there is someone reading it.

  14. Excellent news! I look forward to the issue, and will be happy to send submissions!

    I look forward to it!

  15. Yes, please do keep the magazine going if you are able. It is a marvellously eclectic and frequently eloquent read and, as other commentators have so rightly stated, the anarchic and political angle is rather refreshing at a time that many who claim to be Steampunks seem to be all steam and no punk. Also if, in the true spirit of DIY, we can help and contribute in any way please let us know how.

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