SteamPunk Magazine #8!

Two years after issue #7, SteamPunk Magazine is back and better than ever, with over 110 pages of content and a color cover by our own Doctor Geof.

$8 from Combustion Books

(Note that this currently ships only from the US until we get a UK distributor.)

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Featuring interviews with:

  • Collane di Ruggine
  • Shanna Germain
  • Steampunk Emma Goldman and Voltairine DeCleyre
  • Greg Rucka
  • Unwoman
  • Thomas Willeford

Writing by:

  • Larry Amyett, Jr
  • Cassandra Marshall
  • Profesor Calamity
  • Katherine Casey
  • The Catastrophone Orchestra
  • Mikael Ivan Eriksson
  • P. Fobbington
  • Kate Franklin
  • Margaret Killjoy
  • E.M. Johnson
  • S. Kimery
  • David Major
  • Dimitri Markotin
  • Screaming Mathilda
  • Wes Modes
  • Marie Morgan
  • David Z. Morris
  • Jamie Murray
  • Juan Navarro
  • Profesor Offlogic
  • Pinche
  • David Redford
  • Miriam Rosenberg Roček
  • James Schafer

And artwork from:

  • Manny Aguilera
  • Tina Black
  • Sarah Dungan
  • Doctor Geof
  • Allison Healy
  • Tommy Poirier-Morissette
  • Juan Navarro
  • E.M. Johnson
  • Larry Nadolsky
  • Kate Oliver
  • Sergei Tuterov
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3 Responses to “SteamPunk Magazine #8!”

  1. Wonderful issue yet again! Kudos!

  2. Great issue. I was wondering, is there an e-mail to contact Brian Z Morris and Scary Boots? I have a project idea based on their recent story that I’d love to talk to them about.

  3. I look forward to reading this. I have a couple of questions, though. Is there a Kindle version, or plans to produce .mobi, or epub formats?

    The two column format for text is, I know from my own graphic design experience, a space saver. But the reality is you need to read down one column, scroll back up again and read down column two (unless you have a big monitor). Have you considered doing the magazine in single column format, more like a regular book? Certainly would be good for PDF format.

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