Web Feature #1 – An Interview With The Catastrophone Orchestra

We’re going to be running interviews and features here from time to time that don’t quite fit into our printed magazine. Our first web feature is on The Catastrophone Orchestra, a writing collective based in NYC that have been regularly featured in our pages from the very first issue. They’ve got a book out, now, […]

The Thrill Electric by John Reppion and Leah Moore

SteamPunk Magazine favorites John Reppion and Leah Moore have been hard at work on The Thrill Electric for some time now. This free ten-part enhanced comic is set in Victorian Manchester and demonstrates the extraordinary parallels between the Internet Age and the Telegraph Age. Beautifully realised, and scripted by Leah Moore and John Reppion, the […]

The Traveling Tyrant

It looks like SteamPunk Magazine contributor Richard Marsden (author of the article on Waterloo from SteamPunk Magazine #6) has released the second novel in his Traveling Tyrant series, Traveling Tyrant: Casual Fridays. Haven’t actually read this yet, but he’s certainly a competent writer and well-versed in the history of warfare. And more importantly, this book […]

SPM contributor Miriam Roček arrested at #OWS again

Word on the facebooks is that Miriam Roček, aka Steampunk Emma Goldman, was arrested in last night’s attempt to retake and hold Liberty Plaza (née Zuccotti Park). To my knowledge, this is her third arrest as part of Occupy Wall Street. This, from my point of view, is cosplay done right. I’m really damn proud […]

Updates… #9 deadline in a week, website recovered

So, the deadline for SteamPunk Magazine #9 is less than a week away and the issue is shaping up beautifully! We’d be particularly excited about any interesting non-fiction: how-tos, history, essays, analysis, etc. Two weeks ago the website was hacked and it took us a bit to recover, but we’ve got everything together and it’s […]

recovering from a hack, pardon the mess

we’ll have things back together in no time.