Dylan Fox in Alt History Magazine

Cover of Alt Hist Magazine Issue 4, featuring a picture of sailors on a ship.In Dylan Fox’s Restless, Commodore Paul Nelson leads a flotilla British ironclads through the East China sea to the Chinese mainland. They escort the Colossus Engine, a weapon of unparalleled terror and destruction, and carry orders to subdue China and claim it for the British crown. A young Han girl called Bik Shu shovels coal in the ship carrying the Engine, on a mission from a long-dead wuxia to protect her homeland…

The issue also features:

  • ‘Kleine Menschen’ by Eric Jackson is a historical fantasy story set in World War II Germany.
  • ‘Feast of Faith’ by Shane Rhinewald explores the struggles of common soldiers during the First Crusade who don’t have enough to eat.
  • ‘Three Months of Summer’ by Svetlana Kortchik is a love story that happens during the German occupation of Ukraine in 1942.
  • ‘The Stork’ by George Piper is a backwoods horror that will scare and surprise you.
  • ‘Battalion 202: A Blinded Falcon’ and ‘Battalion 202: Into the Darkness’ by Jonathan Doering are two alternate history stories about the resistance to a German invasion of Britain.

Pick up a copy from the magazine’s website. You can also read an extract of ‘Restless’ online!

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  1. Just letting you know the web version of steampunk magazine has gone..

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