eReader SPM #7 Link Broken

Hullo folks! It’s come to my attention that the eReader-optimised version of SPM #7 that we’ve been putting out hasn’t been downloading properly for a while now (I’m not sure how long exactly).  For now,  I’ve removed the link from the website. It may possibly get fixed/re-added at a later date, but this will depend […]

The Steampunk’s Guide to Sex

You have two more weeks to support the Steampunk’s Guide to Sex! The Book As we start this kickstarter campaign, we’re more than halfway done writing A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex. The book covers both Victorian and contemporary sexuality, such as: erotica sex work burlesque BDSM alternative sexualities consent sexual health sex devices through the […]

All Aboard to Lantern City!

Steampunk is without a doubt all a-buzz about Tron star Bruce Boxleitner’s latest media project, Lantern City, which he promises to be the “first true Steampunk TV show” and “not shy away from the issues of the time”. Considering how the community has been let down before in popular media depictions of Steampunk, people are […]

Non-Fiction review: The Art of Steampunk

AUTHOR: ART DONOVAN Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Reviewed by Leanne Tough The Art of Steampunk, by Art Donovan, is the companion to the October 2009-February 2010 Steampunk convention held at the Oxford University Museum of the History of Science. It was the world’s first museum exhibition based on the art of Steampunk. The companion includes work […]

Fiction Review: That Darn Squid God

NICK POLLOTTA AND JAMES CLAY Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing (2007) Reviewed by Leanne Tough That Darn Squid God by Nick Polotta and James Clay (aka Phil Foglio of the Girl Genius webcomic) is a Lovecraftian parody, a rip-roaring romp through an alternative Victorian world filled to the brim with cultists, secret societies, and elegant ladies […]