Music Review: Electro Swing for the Masses


Label: self-published
Reviewed by John Smith

The electro swing band Good Co. more than lives up to their name. “Good” is an understatement in describing this album, which ranges from sample-heavy dancehouse electric jazz swing to Cake-esque eclectic ballads to classicly crooned house band dance numbers that sound like they’re being spun on the needle of a stately wood & brass phonograph.  “Company” is a more fitting description, with a band member roster so long that you have to take a bathroom break halfway through. The result of this amassing of talent? Pure entertainment. They have managed to come together to do what so many before them have failed to do: create something really amazing.

Their debut album, “Electro Swing for the Masses,” came out on August 3rd. What stands out above everything else is that this album is really fun. You can just picture the band sitting around the studio having a great time. It’s upbeat and toe-tapping; it’s hard to listen to without bobbing your head a bit. It’s also a bit addictive. It’s one of those rare albums that you leave on, repeating it over and over without skipping any songs. When it’s not on you find yourself humming it, and sometimes spontaneously breaking out into song to the bewilderment of strangers.

If you like your music tame and tidy, then this isn’t for you. If, however, your mouth waters at the thought of instrument-heavy speak-easy jazz blended with harmony-bending scratch-record electric boogaloo, then waste no more time not owning this album, available at Good Co.’s website:

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