Fiction review: Ironskin

BY TINA CONNOLLY Publisher: Tor Books Review by Cheyenne Kam Ironskin is a YA novel touted as being a steampunk reverse-Beauty and the Beast, and while there are elements of both genres, it’s more accurate to say it’s a steampunk-fantasy Jane Eyre homage. Some aspects  of the novel work better than others, but the weaker portions are bolstered by […]

Theatrical review: My Fair Lady

DIRECTOR: MOLLY SMITH Venue: Arena Stage (Washington DC) Reviewed by Josh Aterovis A Steampunk My Fair Lady? How loverly! When I first heard Arena Stage in Washington D.C. was staging a Steampunk production of My Fair Lady, the classic Lerner and Loewe musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion and perhaps best-known for its 1964 film adaptation starring […]

Fiction review: Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon

AUTHOR: MARK HODDER Publisher: Pyr/Prometheus Books Reviewed by mi: :ha Coming as the third volume of a trilogy that includes The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack and The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man, Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon sets an alternate 1863 England as home to a central character that refused to marry and thus settle for […]

Fiction Review: 100 Years of Vicissitude

AUTHOR: ANDREZ BERGEN Publisher: Perfect Edge Books Reviewed by Lori Holuta Mr. Wolram E. Deaps mentions early in 100 Years of Vicissitude that “there is no neat beginning with which to start things.”Since Wolram is the central character and narrator of the story, I wondered what was to come. As this mysterious, thoughtful, and occasionally horrific story […]