New Year, New Editors, New Submissions!

Victorian New Year's card.Happy New Year, Everyone!

It’s the time for resolutions, and ours is to continue bringing you fine Steampunk fiction, nonfiction, art and reviews. Issue 9 is coming up soon, and starting today we’re open for submissions for Issue 10.

My name is Katie Casey. I’ve been involved in the magazine and the website for several years, and I’ll be serving as managing editor. I’m looking forward to it! The other editors will be some familiar faces:


Reviews: Belle Cooper
Fiction: Allegra Hawsmoor
how-tos: Sam Kimery
Art: Juan Navarro
Design: Margaret Killjoy

Check the Deadlines and Submissions page for information about how to submit your work to Issue 10, and keep an eye out for Issue 9!


Katie Caesy

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6 Responses to “New Year, New Editors, New Submissions!”

  1. So glad to see fresh life for 2013 in this site. I’m looking forward to an amazing SteamPunk year!

  2. Hi Katie–exciting! Good luck! I’m looking forward to issues 9 and 10.

  3. Is there a deadline on submissions for issue 10? Looking forward to seeing issue 9!

  4. No set deadline – we’ll take submissions as they come in, and once issue 10 is filled up just move what’s left over to the next issue’s pile. 🙂

  5. Fantastic — thanks!

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