Music review: Under the Rose

BY MACHINA SHOGUNATE Self produced by Machina Shogunate Reviewed by Lori Holuta Machina Shogunate has existed since 2007 and are carving their niche through a balance of music and visual performance. Their first EP feels both long overdue and at the same time the work of a band still finding their way. Under the Rose […]

Music Review: Electric Rain

BY VICTOR SIERRA Label: Sierra Data Studio Reviewed by William H. Rose, III One of my great joys in life is discovering exceptional, new, alternative music that moves me. Especially compositions that fill a void, become a part of me, or contain their own unique signature. In my ever-expanding exploration for innovative music I look […]

Fiction review: Worldshaker

BY RICHARD HARLAND Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers Review by Barbora Lyčková Even though the good fight is often a tricky theme to work with, it remains central to a vast number of novels, and Richard Harland’s Worldshaker presents its incarnation for young adults in a tale of fantastic machinery, steam and […]

Fiction Review: SteampunX

BY BENJAMIN JACOBSON Self-published Reviewed by William H. Rose, III “In the grand tradition of Charles Dickens and Johnny Rotten, this serialized tale comes both to celebrate the past and bury it.” – Benjamin Jacobson Steampunk is one of the fastest growing genres in literature today. Simply employing the word to describe a work evokes […]

New Year, New Editors, New Submissions!

Happy New Year, Everyone! It’s the time for resolutions, and ours is to continue bringing you fine Steampunk fiction, nonfiction, art and reviews. Issue 9 is coming up soon, and starting today we’re open for submissions for Issue 10. My name is Katie Casey. I’ve been involved in the magazine and the website for several […]