ART: VOODOO by Terry Dodson

VOODOO NYCC 2012 by *TerryDodson on deviantART.

ART: Victorian Lara Croft

Victorian Lara Croft ” by *Esaikha on deviantART.

Fiction Review: The Diamond Thief

BY SHARON GOSLING Publisher: Curious Fox Reviewed by Belle Cooper We’re introduced to our protagonist, Rémy Brunel, at the top of a trapeze performance for Le Cirque de la Lune, and within a few pages we seem to know all we need to know about her: she’s a sixteen-year-old orphan, slight of build, and a […]

ART: The Midnight Archive

via The Midnight Archive – Art and the Occult – YouTube. NOTE: Not strictly a Steampunk thing really, but obviously the tones of the Occult and the Aesthetic crossover with that of the Victorian era, and as much as we see it as some sort Edwardian aesthetic, we can see also how the Art Nouveau […]

Fiction Review: Doktor Glass

BY THOMAS BRENNAN Publisher: Ace Trade (2012) Reviewed by Cheyenne Kam The main concept of this novel is something from a child’s fantasy: the “Span”, a bridge stretching from Liverpool in England to New York City in the U.S., built just as the 20th century is getting underway. Armies of workers have sunk pitons into […]

Fiction Review: Ack-Ack Macaque

BY GARETH L POWELL Publisher: Solaris Review by Belle Cooper To hear author Gareth L Powell tell it, it all started started quite simply: with a name. It was his job only to find the character and the story that name belonged to. He’s since managed to do so twice, first with a short story […]

ART: Printable Steampunk Apothecary Labels

Magic Steampunk Apothecary Labels – an inspiring collection of different steampunk bottle and jar labels for Halloween. Put them on regular bottles which you filled with all sorts of things. Success guaranteed, by ~VectoriaDesigns on deviantART

Fiction Review: The Exile’s Violin (Tethys Chronicles, Book 1)

BY R. S. HUNTER Publisher: Hydra Publications, September 2012 Review by Barbora Lyčková A fast-paced steampunk adventure of simple words and complex politics Imagine living the ordinary life of a young girl in Vorleaux, the beautiful wrought-iron capital of the Republic of Alesir. There is school to attend during the day, open-windowed trolleys to travel […]

Music review: Queen of the Wave

BY PEPE DELUXE Label: Catskills Records Reviewed by Meg Kingston Calling itself “An Esoteric Pop Opera in Three Parts”, Queen of the Wave is a bold attempt by the Scandinavian duo Pepe Deluxe to reinvent the prog rock concept album for the 21st century. I love the idea, I enjoyed some of the tracks, but […]

Interwith with Bryn Pryor, creator of Cowboys and Engines

Bryn Pryor and his team want to bring steampunk to the big screen on a new, huge scale: Their film Cowboys and Engines has robots, zeppelins, space travel, and mysterious gadgets galore, all set in a detailed alternative history. I got to ask Bryn a few questions about alt history, world-building, and the film itself. […]