Issue 9 Giveaway!

SPM Issue 9 cover: A cloaked, top hat wearing man riding a mechanical wildebeest.Issue 9 is about to hit the presses! (Check out the cover art, by the amazing  Kelley Hensing.) To celebrate that, and having just passed 6,000 followers on our Facebook page, we’re holding a giveaway!

To Enter

Comment on this thread to enter the giveaway. Entries will close on Monday, Feb. 18th, at noon (EST). One entry per person, please; a valid e-mail address is required to enter. Two entries will be randomly selected for prizes!

The Prizes

First place:

The Steampunk Magazine anthology (including issues #1-7,) Issue 8, and the upcoming Issue 9!

Second place:

A copy of Issue 9!


Some fine print:

Because of shipping costs, we can only accept entries from the United States. Sorry!

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41 Responses to “Issue 9 Giveaway!”

  1. comment … I’d love to win 😀

  2. Tres spiff! This must be tweeted.

  3. Whoa, fancy! I’ve only read issue 8 but I’d love to read the rest =D

  4. Thanks for the great work!

  5. Very nice work by Kelley Hensing with the cover art. Also thanks for the awsome magazine! One thing I have to say though…I’m not a big fan of the title font of the magazine. Otherwise great job with the layout.

  6. Would love to win!

  7. I’ve been looking at the anthology for a while. it’d be awesome to win!

  8. The Mechanical Bull-man in black.

  9. Thank you for the chance to win!

  10. Fingers crossed, fantastic competition! Well done guys 🙂

  11. Super excited for a new issue, the chance to get one free is a double-bonus.

  12. Well done guys. That looks terrific. 6000 followers is only the first step of a long and challenging stairway.

  13. Very cool

  14. An excellent cover and an excellent contest – I’d love to win! Thanks.

  15. Congrats on 6,000, looking awesome!

  16. I can hardly wait for another dose of Steampunk goodness.

  17. Comment….comment, comment? Comment!

  18. Accidently posted comment on another thread! At the risk of appearing redundant I submit here as well :). Mahalo nui for your collections of written curios, giving us a fantastic world in which to delve!

  19. It would be awesome to win!

  20. Comment Comment Comment

  21. Great contest and awesome cover art. I love this magazine and would love to win. Thanks for putting out a great magazine and PLEASE keep up the excellent work. Thanks for your consideration.

  22. Can’t wait to see the new issue. Great cover art.

  23. Great work! Looking forward to seeing the new issue! Would be great to win it 🙂

  24. You are followed by people from countries other than US or UK,. Can that people participate in this giveaway too?

  25. At the moment, I’m afraid not – the shipping is too expensive. But we do know we have a lot of international readers, and are thinking about ways to make sure they’re included in future events as well.

  26. Not sure if i commented all ready, so I would reread these magazines over and over and over. Not sure if I all ready…

  27. What an awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  28. An anthology of the first seven issues is an excellent idea; and I would very much like to win it!

  29. I am very much looking forward to the new issue.The cover looks great!

  30. Hope springs eternal…I’d love to win the anthology. But, if not, I look forward to issue 9, and you will get a letter of comment on what I read and see.

  31. Awesome! ( sorry for previous post, that happens when you don’t check autocorrect…)

  32. I am very much looking forward to the new issue.The cover looks great!

  33. At long last, Issue 9! Would love to win full size issues….my printed copies are nice but do the work no justice.

  34. Can’t wait to see issue 9. From the cover it looks to be as good as all the others.

  35. Wow, the anthology sounds wicked; wouldn’t mind getting my hands on it, contest or not!

  36. Cool art. Click on her link for more. I love Fox Spirit, Idol and Pawn Shop.

  37. I’ve been waiting a long time for this, now I hope this isn’t just a tease and it’s soon! 😛

  38. dark and great

  39. Grad student conducting research on Steampunk literature! Enough said!

  40. Just so you know, the contest has been over for a while now. But all our magazines are free online on the “Downloads” page, so please check them out!

  41. Just discovered this wonderful gendre and your lovely magazine!

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