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THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY, a visual journey inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

Those who dream by day”, opening doors on the 15th of March at Strychnin Gallery, celebrates the imagination and oeuvres of the great Edgar Allan Poe.

The mysterious man, whose life was short and filled with tragedy, left behind one of the most admired, questioned and influential literary body of works.

While alive, his writings were ostracized and put under heavy scrutiny; many denied reading his publications. However, the public did yet not realize that Poe was profoundly ahead of his time. A pioneer of the gothic, macabre and thriller genre, he paved way for many detective-story authors to come.

Poe’s popularity soared after his seemingly suicidal death on the 3rd of October, 1849, especially through French avant-garde writers and artists in the late 19th century. Finally, many came to understand and appreciate the psychological depth he sought to convey through his emphasis and curiosity of the dark, imaginative and “strange”. Multitudes were not only intrigued by his ingenious mind, but desired to understand his source of inspirations and meaning of his work.

Thus, over the course of time, more and more distinguished artists have hoped to be associated with and emulate his writings through the visual medium.

Strychnin Gallery wants to re-establish this admiration for Poe and thus was “Those Who Dream by Day” born. A handful of international artists were gathered and given a short story by Poe to take inspiration from. The pieces displayed will transcend only the personal connection and interpretation that each artist has to their given story. Making the gallery walls into a visual library of Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy.

The artists involved will be; David Hochbaum, Kathryn Carr, Daniel Van Nes, Luisa Catucci, Bethany Marchman, Eliza Bolli, Joey Remmers, Yann Gobart, Akiza, Virginia Mori, Loredana Catania, Saturno Butto, Hara Katsiki, Danny van Ryswyk, Ufocinque, Lola, Leila Ataya, Robert Tirado, Nom Kinnear King, Nick Sheehy, Mandy Tsung, Seiko Kato and many more.

via News of the STRYCHNIN Galleries in Berlin, New York, London – STRYCHNIN GALERY BERLIN | NEW YORK | LONDON.

NOTE: Well be showing off work of this current show all week here on the site!

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3 Responses to “ART: THOSE WHO DREAM BY DAY”

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  2. Sounds wonderful, I wish I could see it!

    I love that picture! I have always loved silhouette art, plus it depicts the fall of the house as the eventual destruction of the mind in the battle of passion and mind, which was a theory even scoffed at when I espoused it in high school.

  3. What a striking idea, creating new piecesfor a visual library of Edgar Allan Poe’s legacy.

    Wish I could see it, and even more, wish I could have contributed to it. Perhaps I’ll have to work on a Raven or a Tell-Tale Heart on my own. What an intriguing idea.

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